Real estate has always been considered a reliable investment instrument to preserve and increase capital. Due to its attractive real estate market, interest in the property in Azerbaijan, particularly Baku has greatly increased. Many foreign citizens buy property in Azerbaijan in order to reside, to rent out and generate income or to qualify for residency (immigration) on the base of property purchase in Azerbaijan.

Nowadays, both business and ordinary people seek for proper documentation of property transactions to exclude further risks of ownership. Our team can provide you with a reliable, efficient and professional service for all types of residential property transactions. We can provide clear, considerate guidance through all of the legal processes involved, making sure every detail is covered, so you can have complete peace of mind. We ensure properties and property rights of business and business owner are protected, i.e. property possesses all certificates and necessary documents, rights over property are registered.



2 bathrooms

140sq meter


3 bathrooms

970sq meters


5 bathrooms

1670sq meters

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