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Azerbaijan migration policy has been changed over the years. Specifically, recent changes introduced with unified legal acts, as the adoption of the new Migration Code. Adoption of new regulations characterised with more strict rules, which requires the involvement of professional immigration law firms in Azerbaijan. To be successful with a residency application, legal and procedural aspects of obtaining short or long-term permissions to stay in Azerbaijan including the visa regime, residency permits and citizenship applicants shall choose the best immigration lawyers in Baku. AVIS is one of the best immigration law firms in Azerbaijan providing comprehensive consultancy to obtain a temporary or permanent residence permit in Azerbaijan. Our immigration lawyers in Baku are always available to assist our clients with cost-effective assistance.  The scope of the services of our immigration law firm in Azerbaijan includes, but not limited to provide invitation letters for obtaining visas to Azerbaijan, getting residency permits in Azerbaijan and further business and investment consultancy. 


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immigration lawyers in Baku
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