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Frequently Asked Questions.

 01  Do I need visa to enter Azerbaijan?


Visas are main and common entry permissions granted to the foreign individuals before entering Azerbaijan when the foreign individuals are not exempt from such regulation.  Please check the link (hyperlink) to see whether you need visa to enter Azerbaijan



 02  Does Azerbaijan grant entry visas to stateless persons?  

Yes, together with foreigners holding nationality of any country the stateless persons also subject to entry visas.


 03  What types of visa does Azerbaijan provide?

Entry visas of ordinary type are for business, science, education, employment, tourism, culture, sports, humanitarian, medical and personal purposes.

 04   What country citizens are eligible to apply for touristic visa to enter Azerbaijan?

For the list of countries citizens of which can apply for tourist visa please click here.

 05  How long will be the validity of long term visas provided to enter Azerbaijan?

The validity of long term visas usually is 1 year, however granting actual stay period no more than 6 months. 

 06  What are the advantage of long-term visa?

Practically the main difference of electronically issued visas is that the period of stay in such visas is shorter than sticker visas. For example, foreigner obtaining sticker business visa can stay in Azerbaijan for 6 months, while the electronically obtained business visa permits 1 month stay in Azerbaijan. Therefore, for having an ample time of stay in Azerbaijan for business purposes or labor purposes the sticker visa is preferable if applicant later decides to apply for residency. 

 07  Do I need to obtain invitation letter to obtain long term visa?

Most common and practical way of getting business visit visas is by invitation of local entities through the channels of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is advised to contact us and our professionals dealing with immigration issues for providing invitation letter to be on a safer side to make sure not to be rejected of issuance of such visas.

 08  What is money back warranty?

We offer 100% money back guarantee for services provided in case of visa refusal. By this way, we make sure that clients does not get visa refusal. If refused, we pay back 100% of Service fee back to Client. 

 09  What is TRP?

TRP is Temporary Residence Permit.

 10  Who can get TRP in Azerbaijan?

Almost everyone who are eligible to enter to Azerbaijan can also apply for residency permit provided he/she has valid grounds for such permit

 11  What is a different between TRP and TRC?

Practically both terms used in the same way, TRP being Temporary Residence Permit and TRC meaning Temporary Residency Card issues as a proof of having TRP.

 12  What is a difference between TRP and PRP?

While TRP is temporary residence permit, PRP is a permanent residency permit.

 13  How long does it takes to obtain TRP?

Applications of foreigners and stateless persons for issuance of permit for temporary residence on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan are processed within 20 business days.

 14  Do family members and dependants allowed to apply for TRP together with main applicant?

Foreigner’s or stateless person’s spouse, children under the age of 18, children who are 18 or older, but unable to work and parents supported by him/her are eligible to apply for residency together with main residency applicant.

 15  Can I work in Azerbaijan without work permit?

Yes you can.

 16  Who are eligible to apply for PRP?

Foreigners and stateless persons temporarily residing at least 2 years on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan on the basis of a relevant permit can submit application to obtain permit for permanent residence on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

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