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About Us

As a migration and visas to Azerbaijan, we have 15 years background about it. Till this year we had more than 5000 long-term visas abroad 70 countries. This visas had 2 main factors: "100% warranty" and "money back guarantee".


As a AVIS, we can provide you with immigration and different types of visas to Azerbaijan. You. can contact with us from our "Contact Us" page on menu or our "APPLY NOW" button is very easy contact with us. Your messages is very important for us, and we will be back to you in an hour.


Feel free contacting with us.   


I received Excellent Service from this law firm. The staff was extremely helpful, very thorough, very knowledgeable of all my issues and always responded to my many queries within 1 business day. Very prompt and professional and thus I would highly recommend this firm.

Mr. Gwynne Chapman

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